From the woman across town.

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

Hennessy on end tables,
Intense banters with blunt papers.
Questionnaires disguised as games,
Rising octaves, pointing fingers shooting me the blame.
Rolling up greenery, I could light it on the tails of your flame.
Anger tucked in your tears, acrylic nails digging in my skin.
Eyes wide from premature fears, loud voices, and accusations of sin.

I never came over here for combat.
I wanted the peace below, where’s the love between your thighs at?
Questioning me about the red sheets across town.
All I could say was that she was down.
Desired to listen when I was full of angst.
Never devalued my masculinity over when it was tears against,
Her dewy skin.
Soft lips appeased me on red sheets across town.



Erika Hughes

A certified Wild Woman who has a love for Poetry and Short Stories. I’m writing my way through this life while studying to be a Mental Health Professional.